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Now that you have some pretty music playing, let me tell you a little bit about my new novel. Ellen called my previous book a rant. I guess I had to get some things off my chest before I could write a really good novel. I think I have done just that, and Ellen is pleased with how Into Autumn turned out as well.

The economy of the United States has failed, government has shut down and the grid has gone offline. No Internet, no TV, no utility services. There is rioting, killing and chaos everywhere. You have no water and little food. You hear gunshots, then banging at your door. You have no gun. What do you do? It is not a question of whether or not this will happen, but when. Could you survive if it happened tomorrow?

Into Autumn is the story of Lars Lindgren and Eileen Branson, and how their lives were turned upside down when the grid shut down. Follow their struggle; learn how they must change in order to survive. Murder! Sex! Violence! Struggle! Mayhem! Hardships! Love! Camaraderie…what’s not to like!

Into Autumn – book trailer video


There is no other book on the market quite like Into Autumn. It is a good read and has great reviews. I’ve added one for your perusal:

“Imagine: no Internet…no TV…no power…no water. In the face of such egregious circumstances, one would also imagine there being no hope. Add to the mix widespread rioting, killing, and unchecked chaos, combined with pervasive gun violence – and what other fate could await mankind but total destruction?  Such is the world the characters in Into Autumn suddenly find themselves thrust into. With the U.S. government shut down, the economy tanked, and the grid completely offline, it’s up to the hapless citizens of this once great nation to fend for themselves. With every option available seemingly leading to disaster, is long-term survival possible?  Author Larry Landgraf has done a commendable job of crafting quite the compelling page-turner in Into Autumn. For years, speculation has persisted of the supposed coming “end times”, in which the various technological advances and luxuries we currently enjoy will be obliterated, forcing all of humanity into desperate survival mode. In Into Autumn, Landgraf presents a chilling account of just how that time will play out, complete with true-life characters in gravely realistic scenarios sure to make some readers squeamish. With a cliffhanger ending that begs a follow-up volume, Into Autumn is an enjoyable – if not disturbing – literary treat. A recommended read.”

Into Autumn – Chapter 8 – Read by a professional actor. Sit back and watch and listen as actor Kaleb Alexander picks up the story of the trials and tribulations of Lars Lindgren and Eileen Branson in the area of the Texas woods known as Peaceful Valley.

I trust you are ready to buy my book? If so, follow the link below to where you will find the e-book, paperback or hardcover, all reasonably priced. The e-book was discounted 50% at publishing, so it’s a real bargain.


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If you are not ready to buy my book, at least take a fun test, “Could you survive if the grid shut down?” before you leave.