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I Was Asked if Kids Should be Taught to Respect Police

Kids should be taught to be very wary of police. Their primary job is to keep you in line with every piece of legislation, past and present, that comes out of our socialist government. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing. They cannot protect you.

Their secondary job is to pick up the pieces after mayhem is finished. Crime is big business for government. It creates jobs and creates fear in the general public so they can raise more money for more government.

Respect? Respect that the police have guns and you don’t if that’s the case. Trust? Trust that much of the time they may appear to be trying to help you, but be aware that their job is not to protect you; their job is to protect GOVERNMENT.

The day will come when the stock market, our economy, and society will collapse. At that point, when the chaos erupts throughout the country, the police will become your mortal enemy. They will have guns. Will you?

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