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Is Democracy Dead in the USA?

Many people truly believe democracy in the USA is dead. Others believe it died a long time ago. You certainly must believe that it may be dying at the very least.

Basically, democracy is government ruled by the people. For much of our history, government through officials elected by the people, has governed the country as dictated by the Constitution and did a decent job back when the Constitution was important. The rule of the land, however, has always been a dictatorship, with individuals making the rules within their own worlds, namely on their own property.

Off their property, the general populace respected the rights of others and most got along well since overall the rules were not all that different; there was just a new ruler depending upon whose property you happened onto. When the rules ventured into gray areas, disputes were settled largely with a gun. If you happened onto someone else’s property, whether intentionally or accidentally, you abided by their rules or were met with deadly force. Property owners were kings within the confines of their property, but no more.

The United States is the first democracy to last well over 200 years. There is a reason democracies cannot last forever. As the population grows, there is always the need for more laws, and government is all too happy to provide the rules. Also, as the number of hands in the government till grows, it is inevitable that the till dries up. It gets exceptionally dangerous when government prints and borrows more money than it could ever pay back.

With a much larger population now in the USA, and laws, rules and regulations covering most, if not all, aspects of the lives of every citizen, even on their own property, this democracy has resulted in despotism. Government still goes through the motions of a democracy, but the monster has taken over and rules with an iron fist with little respect for the Constitution or the people.

The problem is that there are simply too many people. Most do not vote. They can’t. They have more important things to do; surviving at the top of the list. Or maybe they see voting as not as important as most other things in their busy lives. Others, and I am one of them, see that voting changes little, though I do vote much of the time, but do I see change for the better? No, the monster just keeps growing.

Most people are just trying to survive and make the best out of a bad situation. Citizens working for the government just want to keep their jobs so they will at least have a reasonably comfortable life. They care little about changing government for the better. They care little that we grow more socialistic every day. Most seem to be comfortable with socialism and accept it.

Many people fear our government; many are arming themselves in defense of their property and their very lives. A motto used at one time by the police was ‘to protect and serve’ but this has fallen by the wayside. First, government cannot protect you. They never could. They just pick up the pieces when a disaster is over. Only you can protect yourself. And government certainly does not ‘serve’. You ‘serve’ the monster. You do exactly what they say or you shall be punished. It is not right that people should be afraid of their own government, but that is a fact today. And it is not right that man is no longer ‘king’ of his own castle, but that is a fact as well. It is worse when government says you do not have the right to protect yourself and your property as you see fit, but this is also true today.

For clarity, government includes all national representatives which are more visible, but also every state, county, and city official. Every public or secret policeman, every constable, county clerk or city secretary are part of the monster. They outnumber those outside of government who work so hard to pay too much of their hard earned money to feed the monster. The simple fact that government workers outnumber non-government workers is a testament to the fact that government is out of control and has been for many years.

Does this monster need to die? Not necessarily, but it certainly needs to be tamed. Is there a solution? Probably not one which will do anything other than bring this country to the brink of disaster. A civil war at least is coming. Death and destruction is coming. Population reduction is coming. It may not happen this year, next year or even in the next decade, but it is coming. Are you preparing?