Save the Planet

In order to save our planet and life as we know it, a lot of changes must be made.  The following items are only a few of the changes which should be initiated immediately:

End all welfare.  If you cannot survive on your own, and no one cares enough to help you, you shall die.

Taxes must be reduced by a minimum of 50%.

Government must produce a balanced budget.

Religious groups shall no longer be tax exempt.

Government must develop a plan to eliminate the national debt ASAP.

All immigration must cease immediately.

On a more social note:

All persons living in this country must speak English fluently or deported.

Stop hypocrisy now.  Texas promotes gambling, but no casinos allowed.

Religion, or the lack of, is a personal choice.  No more missionaries.

The longest prison term should be five years.  All others shall be executed immediately.  There shall be only one appeal.